Healing and Meditation

Most Spiritualist churches and centres hold regular healing sessions. 

Spiritualist healing, however, is not, and should not be confused with faith healing.  The definition of Spiritualist healing is:

“To try to make well by the laying on of hands and prayer”

The mental attitude of the person can have a great effect as relaxation and positive thought can go a long way to removing and preventing many of the illnesses to which we are prone.

The Healer will by acting as a channel for the healing energies try to bring about a cure but, if this cannot be achieved, the discomfort produced by the problem may well be eased and, in cases where the condition is terminal, the transition of the spirit may be assisted so that the physical conditions of discomfort are greatly minimised.

It can be pointed out that Spiritualist healing has achieved some remarkable results.  These have been obtained by the co-operation between powerful healing mediums and experienced spirit helpers using natural energies, which are available to their full potential.  Sometimes the results are dramatic and spectacular but more often, there is a gradual reduction and eventual removal of the problem.

Spiritualist healing is a fundamental part of the religion of Spiritualism…

…and the healing mediums within the Spiritualist movement are bound by a legal, moral and ethical code of conduct.  This is to ensure that all healing carried out under the umbrella of the Spiritualist National Union meets an approved national standard.

Meditation – The Way Forward

We offer an opportunity to connect with the inner self in a safe and relaxing environment.  Individuals work at their own pace in their own way.  We do not adopt a particular method of meditation, rather, allowing the individual to explore the inner and outer world for themselves.

The sessions vary in content, sometimes music is introduced or the spoken word or just silence.  Mindfulness is a practiced art but it brings great benefits. 

Why not try a session and bring a friend along to experience the experience?

We deplete our energies most days by the way we live in this hectic material world so re-energise and give yourself the opportunity for some ‘me’ time.


Everyone is welcome. 

Weekly Sessions – Thursday 7.30pm prompt – Entrance Fee Applies