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Wedding Services ‘The Spiritualist Way’ to include for same sex couples

Spiritualists’ National Union Ministers and Officiants are fully trained to carry out marriage ceremonies, which include the necessary binding vows.
When vows are exchanged in the Spiritualist service those in the spirit world are also invited as witnesses.

If you are not a Spiritualist you can consider a service in a Spiritualist Centre provided you have an understanding of Spiritualism and can accept the Seven Principles.

Please read our Seven Principles, with particular attention to the 5th one, so that you may consider the significance of your important promise before God.

Fatherhood of God

Brotherhood of Man

The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

Personal Responsibility

Compensation and Retribution for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth.

Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul 

The blessing ceremony is to celebrate a new wedding or a long standing marriage; there is a suggested ceremony available as a foundation on which to build your personal event.

You make your own choice of renewal vows, music, songs and readings with guidance from a Minister or Officiant who will help ensure the ceremony is just as you would wish it to be.

A unique memory to last a lifetime. 


Naming service for children and adults are special occasions and are very meaningful to the person being named as well as their family and friends. The Naming service is often conducted in a Spiritualist Church or Centre but can take place at other appropriate locations such as in hospital or at home.

Flowers are used in a Spiritualist Naming Service to indicate the pure and natural aspects of our existence. When born into this world, a baby is pure and innocent, not born into inherent sin. There is no need to use water or other symbols as an indication of the cleansing of the soul.

Each person is unique. There is a need for people to grow together in love and harmony to ensure that the world in which we live becomes a better place and that the people in the world become better people.

We can all be influenced by a Naming Service. It encourages us to consider the implications of our words, thoughts and deeds and our relationships with other people and our environment. We are all children of God.

Many people are relieved when a person has made their own funeral wishes known. The Spiritualists’ National Union provide a special form on which you may record your personal wishes.

Content of funeral services 
The service is a time for remembering and paying tribute to the life and actions of the deceased. It is a time to celebrate their life on earth, so that those who remain remember them with joy and thankfulness for the shared memories.

The Spiritualist Service emphasizes the continuation of life in another sphere of existence beyond this earthly realm and that death of the physical body is merely the shedding of a mortal garment that has served its purpose.

For those who would wish a non traditional religious service, most Spiritualist Ministers and Officiants will fit in with the wishes of the deceased and our Services do not include orthodox language.

Types of services offered include, Burial, Cremation, Scattering of Ashes & Memorial Services.